aus der Abteilung „Laserinterferometrie und Gravitationswellen-Astronomie“

Zeitschriftenartikel (45)

Wette, K.; Prix, R.; Keitel, D.; Pitkin, M.; Dreissgacker, C.; Whelan, J. T.; Leaci, P.: OctApps: a library of Octave functions for continuous gravitational-wave data analysis. Journal of Open Source Software 3 (26), 707 (2018)
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Yu, H.; Martynov, D.; Vitale, S.; Evans, M.; Barr, B.; Carbone, L.; Dooley, K. L.; Freise, A.; Fulda, P.; Grote, H. et al.; Hammond, G.; Hild, S.; Hough, J.; Huttner, S.; Mow-Lowry, C.; Rowan, S.; Shoemaker, D.; Sigg, D.; Sorazu, B.: Prospects for detecting gravitational waves at 5 Hz with ground-based detectors. Physical Review Letters 120, 141102 (2018)
Zhang, T.; Knyazev, E.; Steinlechner, S.; Khalili, F. Y.; Barr, B. W.; Bell, A. S.; Dupej, P.; Gräf, C.; Callaghan, J.; Hennig, J.-S. et al.; Houston, E. A.; Huttner, S. H.; Leavey, S. S.; Pascucci, D.; Sorazu, B.; Spencer, A.; Wright, J.; Strain, K. A.; Danilishin, S.; Hild, S.: Quantum noise cancellation in asymmetric speed meters with balanced homodyne readout. New Journal of Physics 20, 103040 (2018)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Kawazoe, F.; Bruns , S.: Structured Doctoral Education in Hannover - Joint Programme IMPRS-GW and geo-Q RTG. 12th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (AMALDI 12), Pasadena, CA, USA, 09. Juli 2017 - 14. Juli 2017. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 957, 012008, (2018)

Poster (1)

Wegener, H.; Goswami, S.; Müller v, V.; Heinzel, G.: Reducing Pointing Induced Errors in the GRACE Follow-On Laser Ranging Measurement Using Dedicated Calibration Maneuvers. EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria (2018)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (2)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Isleif, K.-S.: Laser interferometry for LISA and satellite geodesy missions. Dissertation (2018)
Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Schreiber, E.: Gravitational-wave detection beyond the quantum shot-noise limit: The integration of squeezed light in GEO 600. Dissertation (2018)

Hochschulschrift - Diplom (1)

Hochschulschrift - Diplom
Koehlenbeck, S.: Towards the SQL Interferometer - length stabilization at the AEI 10 m-Prototype. Diplom (2018)

Forschungspapier (1)

Danzmann, K.; Heinzel, G.; Hewitson, M.; Reiche, J.; Tröbs, M.; Wanner, G.; Born, M.; Audley, H.; Karnesis, N.; Wittchen, A. et al.; Paczkowski, S.; Kaune, B.; Wissel, L.: LPF final report for the German contribution to the nominal mission. (2018)
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