Ausgewählte Highlights der Forschung am AEI

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Breakthrough experimental demonstration of technologies for future gravitational-wave detectors

Researchers at AEI Hannover have reached a milestone on the road towards third-generation gravitational-wave detectors such as the Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer. mehr

A novel way to make frequency-dependent squeezed light

AEI team shows the first-time generation of frequency-dependent squeezed light from a detuned optical parametric oscillator mehr

Hypermodels help understand gravitational waves

A new approach to analyze binary neutron star mergers provides a proving ground for model development and a means to identify systematics in future gravitational-wave observations. mehr

A binary pulsar with a planet?

Detailed analysis of Fermi observations hints at pulsar exoplanet mehr

Searching for continuous waves from neutron stars in binaries

Unique search on Advanced LIGO data excludes unexplored binary neutron star configurations mehr

Visualising the continuous gravitational-wave sky

The first atlas of the entire sky in continuous gravitational waves mehr

A prototype laser for the Einstein Telescope

AEI researchers develop prototype of a pre-stabilized laser system at 1550 nm wavelength for third-generation gravitational-wave detectors mehr

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