Ausgewählte Highlights der Forschung am AEI

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First neural-network sensing and control in a gravitational-wave detector

GEO600 scientists demonstrate first-ever successful implementation mehr

Long gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves: Are they connected?

The first multi-messenger search for long gamma-ray bursts associated with gravitational-wave binary coalescence events mehr



7. Oktober 2022

Results from the first mock data challenge for machine learning gravitational-wave search algorithms mehr

Strongly squeezed light at 1550 nm

First time demonstration paves the way for excellent quantum noise reduction in future gravitational-wave detectors mehr

Breakthrough experimental demonstration of technologies for future gravitational-wave detectors

Researchers at AEI Hannover have reached a milestone on the road towards third-generation gravitational-wave detectors such as the Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer. mehr

A novel way to make frequency-dependent squeezed light

AEI team shows the first-time generation of frequency-dependent squeezed light from a detuned optical parametric oscillator mehr

Hypermodels help understand gravitational waves

A new approach to analyze binary neutron star mergers provides a proving ground for model development and a means to identify systematics in future gravitational-wave observations. mehr

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