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Particle-physics inspired techniques improve the accuracy of spin effects in gravitational-waveform models mehr

A theorem is proven establishing that, under very generic conditions, any black hole must have a light ring mehr

A new method for determining the masses of particles predicted from string theory's extra dimensions mehr

Higher-Spin Gravity

23. Oktober 2019

Electromagnetism, nuclear forces, gravity. Could there be any other types of forces? Analysing generalised Higher-Spin interactions is an interesting approach to understand quantum gravity. Recent results have shown that such higher-spin theories are strongly restricted by gauge symmetry. mehr

AEI researchers find a new way to visualize a black-hole merger and shed new light on its interior structure mehr

Physicists bridge the gap between two different proposals for complexity in quantum field theories, paving the way towards a better understanding of quantum gravity. mehr

Rewriting Hartle's and Hawking's no-boundary proposal as a path integral with Robin boundary conditions mehr

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