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A binary pulsar with a planet?

Detailed analysis of Fermi observations hints at pulsar exoplanet mehr

Open gravitational-wave catalog no. 4

New independent analysis of public LIGO/Virgo data by AEI researchers identifies 94 signals, 7 of which not reported previously mehr

An open gravitational-wave catalog v3.0

Research team led by AEI scientists publishes independent analysis of public LIGO/Virgo data and finds 57 gravitational-wave signals, 4 of which are new discoveries mehr

The final fate of apparent horizons

How apparent horizons vanish in a binary black hole merger: by “weaving” back and forth in time mehr

Heads-up for observatories

Heads-up for observatories

20. August 2021

A network of third-generation gravitational-wave detectors will enable regular electromagnetic observations of post- and pre-merger emission from compact binary coalescences mehr

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