Supplementary Material

for the publication “Results from an extended Falcon all-sky survey for continuous gravitational waves”

The files contain plain ASCII data, with values separated by TAB characters. The first line of the file contains the column names. The files can be readily read by most software.

The following example works in R: data<-read.table("filename.csv", header=TRUE)

The column names are as follows:

  • band - start of frequency band in Hz
  • ul - worst-case upper limit
  • ul_circ - upper limit on circularly polarized signals
  • ul_avg - population average proxy upper limit (when available)
  • ul_spindown0 - worst-case upper limit on signals with small spindown (when available)

Supplementary file download

By downloading these files you agree to cite the relevant paper if you to use them for a publication.

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