Publikationen von Jonathan Carter

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Amaro-Seoane, P.; Bischof, L.; Carter, J.; Hartig, M.-S.; Wilken, D.: LION: laser interferometer on the moon. Classical and Quantum Gravity 38 (12), 125008 (2021)
Carter, J.; Cooper, S. J.; Thrift, E.; Briggs, J.; Warner, J.; Ross, M. P.; Mow-Lowry, C. M.: Particle swarming of sensor correction filters. Classical and Quantum Gravity (2020)

Konferenzbeitrag (2)

Carter, J.; Birckigt, P.; Gerberding, O.; Li, Q.; Struening, R.; Ullsperger, T.; Koehlenbeck, S.: An Experiment to Test the Mechanical Losses of Different Bonding Techniques in Fused Silica. In: Proceedings - 36th ASPE Annual Meeting, S. 21 - 26. 36th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering, ASPE , Minneapolis, 01. November 2021 - 05. November 2021. (2022)
Carter, J.; Köhlenbeck, S.; Birckigt, P.; Eberhardt, R.; Heinzel, G.; Gerberding, O.: A High Q, Quasi-Monolithic Optomechanical Inertial Sensor. In: 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Inertial Sensors and Systems (INERTIAL) (Hg. IEEE). 7th IEEE International Symposium on Inertial Sensors and Systems (IEEE INERTIAL), Hiroshima, Japan, Japan , 23. März 2020 - 26. März 2020. (2020)
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