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Silicon nanospheres for improved gravitational-wave detection

Important first steps towards a novel mirror coating for precision metrology applications more

Improving seismic motion isolation of gravitational-wave detectors

AEI researchers demonstrate the feasibility of using a suspension platform interferometer to stabilize the length of a suspended optical resonator more

Cosmology as a filter for string theory

What determines the shape and properties of extra dimensions? New answers from the Hartle-Hawking no-boundary proposal. more

First neural-network sensing and control in a gravitational-wave detector

GEO600 scientists demonstrate first-ever successful implementation more

Long gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves: Are they connected?

The first multi-messenger search for long gamma-ray bursts associated with gravitational-wave binary coalescence events more



October 07, 2022

Results from the first mock data challenge for machine learning gravitational-wave search algorithms more

Strongly squeezed light at 1550 nm

First time demonstration paves the way for excellent quantum noise reduction in future gravitational-wave detectors more

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