Dr. Gudrun Wanner

Laserinterferometrie & Gravitationswellen-Astronomie
Standort Hannover
+49 511 762-17137


At the AEI in general:

  • Head of optical simulation working group within the AEI group Interferometry in Space

As part of University and Max-Planck-Society Collaborations:

  • Current:
    • PI of LEGACY project A3 (a collaboration between Max Planck Society and Chinese Academy of Science) 
    • PI of project B03 in the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) TerraQ
    • Co-PI, Science Board member and leader of topical group “Optical Simulations” of excellence cluster EXC 2123 QuantumFrontiers
    • Member of the excellence cluster EXC 2122 PhoenixD
  • Previous:
    • 2015 - 2019 Board-Member of the CRC 1128: geoQ
    • 2014 - 2019 PI of project A05 in CRC 1128 geo-Q


  • (Co-)Chair of LISA Stray Light Working Group
  • Member of the LISA Publication and Presentation Committee 
  • Member of the LISA Consortium 

LISA Pathfinder:

  • Member of the LISA Pathfinder Science Team, with research focus on the interferometry, optical simulations and tilt-to-length coupling noise
  • 2016 - ESA Team Achievement Award for valuable contribution to the LISA Pathfinder mission

Invited presentations outside of the Gravitational Wave Community:

  • Sep 2019, HighRR workshop: VISTAS on Detector Physics, Heidelberg, Deutschland
  • Oct 2017,  Festvortrag beim Arbeitskreis Geodäsie und Geophysik (AKGG), Blaibach, Deutschland. 
  • Oct 2017,  Visions-in-Science 2017, Berlin, Deutschland. 
  • Jun 2017,  Invisibles17 Workshop, Zürich, Schweiz. 
  • Mar 2017, LaThuile conference, LaThuile, Italien. 
  • Feb 2017, DLR Berlin seminar, Berlin, Deutschland. 

Outreach activities:

  • Co-organizer of AEI’s Girls’ day / Zukunftstag
  • Invited outreach talks:
    • Nov 2018, November der Wissenschaft 2018, AEI Hannover, Deutschland. 
    • Oct 2018, Evening lectures of the Vienna Planetary, Planetary Vienna, Österreich 
    • Sep 2018, Lange Nacht der Sterne 2018, Dessau, Deutschland
    • Okt 2017, Herbstuni Hannover, AEI Hannover, Deutschland
    • Apr 2017, Yuri’s Night, Wien, Österreich
    • Apr 2017, Girls’ Day, AEI Hannover, Deutschland
    • Okt 2016, Herbstuni Hannover, AEI Hannover, Deutschland
    • Aug 2016, Burggespräche des Orion, Burg Albrechtsberg an der Pielach, Österreich 
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