IMPRS Lecture Week No 2.

IMPRS Lecture Week

  • Beginn: 12.06.2016
  • Ende: 17.06.2016
  • Ort: Strandhotel "Weißer Berg", Kiefernweg 20, 31535 Neustadt
  • Gastgeber: Sandra Bruns
  • Kontakt:
The week comprises 15 lectures of three different topics on Gravitational Wave Astronomy:
  • Experimental GW Physics
  • General Relativity
  • Relativity & Astronomy



Register here: doodle

Participation is mandatory for all first-year students.


The lecture week takes place at the Strandhotel "Weißer Berg" (Click here for a map.)

Strandhotel "Weißer Berg"Kiefernweg 20 31535 NeustadtTelefon: 0049 (0)5036 458Telefax: 0049 (0)5036 1505E-Mail:

Accommodation will be in shared rooms at the same hotel.

Please inform me about room-mate preferences and special food indications.

Travel InformationArrival at the hotel is scheduled for dinner on Sunday evening, June at 6 p.m
  • Participants from Potsdam/ Berlin: Public Transport Connection
  • Participants from Hannover: Public Transport Connection (buy a single ticket for 3 zones in Hannover)
  • Destination for individual travelling: Station: Mardorf Strandhotel, Neustadt am Rübenberge
Administrative IssuesAll PhD students with a contract or a stipend at the AEI (Hannover and Golm) should fill in a request for business trips (Dienstreiseantrag) - see comment for concrete details - with the cost unit "M.R5.A.QOP10001" and the purpose of travel "IMPRS Lecture Week".All PhD students with a contract or a stipend at the Universität Hannover should fill in a "personnel matters" form of the AEI (Einladungsvorschlag) - see comment for concrete details - with the following information:cost unit: M.R5.A.QOP10001purpose of invitation: IMPRS Lecture Week Short visit: Travel expenses from Hannover to Mardorf, Perdiem: no, Overnight costs: yes, Taxi: noAbout IMPRS Lecture WeeksThe lecture weeks are part of the PhD students' education in Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the AEI. They take place three times per year with courses on general relativity, numerical relativity & theoretical astrophysics, statistics & data analysis, and different topics of experimental gravitational wave physics. The lectures teach experimental topics to the theorists and theoretical topics to the experimentalists and broaden the knowledge in GR for all of them. This way, the PhD students become gravitational wave astronomers knowing all the different aspects of this research field.
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