Publications of Marius Schulte

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Journal Article
Nitzschke , D.; Schulte, M.; Niemann, M.; Cornejo, J. M.; Ulmer, S.; Lehnert, R.; Ospelkaus, C.; Hammerer, K.: Elementary Laser-Less Quantum Logic Operations with (Anti-)Protons in Penning Traps. Advanced Quantum Technologies, 1900133 (2020)
Journal Article
Hahn, H.; Zarantonello, G.; Schulte, M.; Bautista-Salvador, A.; Hammerer, K.; Ospelkaus, C.: Integrated Be-9(+) multi-qubit gate device for the ion-trap quantum computer. npj Quantum Information 5, 70 (2019)
Journal Article
Zarantonello, G.; Hahn, H.; Morgner, J.; Schulte, M.; Bautista-Salvador, A.; Werner, R. F.; Hammerer, K.; Ospelkaus, C.: Robust and Resource-Efficient Microwave Near-Field Entangling 9Be+ Gate. Physical Review Letters 123, 260503 (2019)
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