Research Funding

The Research Funding Office works to assist researchers in identifying, applying to and managing external and internal funding.

The service includes

  1. Information on open calls
  2. Finding funding that fit to your scientific profile
  3. Application process
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Coordination and management of ongoing projects
  6. Close-out administration

Advice on proposal writing

Before you start writing the application, make sure you have done your homework: know the field, choose an excellent idea to pursue, and equally important, read the entire application kit (work programme, guide for applicants) very carefully. It is critical that you are familiar with the field in which you are considering applying for funding. You must be aware of the field's directions, knowledge gaps, risks, and research already being done. You know what your aims are and how to achieve them. Convince the reviewers. Make them curious. And, last but not least please fill in your application carefully and start with it as soon as possible.

Please allow yourself enough extra time for the application process and contact us as early as possible.

For most EU applications you need to register your application in the Electronic Proposal Submission System. Our Participant Identification Code (PIC) is: 999990267

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