Software Packages

The AEI provides software packages used in various areas related to the work of the institute.

This page provides an overview of the available packages, their functions and download links for them.

LTPDA Toolbox 

LTPDA is a MATLAB toolbox that uses an object-oriented approach to data analysis. LTPDA Objects are processed through a data analysis pipeline. At each analysis step, a record is kept of exactly what algorithm was applied to which object and with which parameters. In this way, the result of a particular data analysis is one or more objects, each containing the final result as numerical data together with a full processing history of how the result was achieved.

You can find documentation, download links and installation help on the LTPDA toolbox webpage.

GAT Beginners Guide

The Java implementation of GAT is an API which enables a unique and easy coding of Grid applications.

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Null Geodesics in Subextremal Kerr Spacetimes

The notebook contains various plots describing null geodesics in subextremal Kerr spacetimes. In particular there is a plot of the region of trapping and the ergoregion in physical space, a plot of the pseudopotentials which allow a representation of the ergoregion and trapping in phase space and the location of the trapped set on the celestial sphere of a standard observer. The parameters for the different plots can be changed with sliders in the interesting parameter ranges. The notebook serves as a extension to the paper "Characterization of Null Geodesics on Kerr Spacetimes" by Claudio F. Paganini, Blazej Ruba and Marius A. Oancea.

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