The Administration at the Albert Einstein Institute

The administration at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) supports the scientific departments, research groups, and central facilities at the institute. It takes care of accounting, purchasing, personnel management, travel expenses and housing management/general services.

Head of Administration and Assistant

Dr. Florian Keller

Head of Administration

Beatrice Sonntag

Assistant to the Head of Administration

Deputy Head of Administration and Coordinator AEI Hannover

Silja Fehn

Deputy Head of Administration

Finance Department (

Personal / Human Resources Department (

Mara Elste

Human Resources Administrator

Procurement Department (

Sylvia Ohme

Procurement Administrator

General Services Department

Christina Pappa

Service staff general services

International Office Hannover

You can find more information about our International Office in Potsdam and Hannover here:

Tamara Moya

International Office Assistant

Student Assistants

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