Speaker: Michèle Heurs
History and research behind the scientific sensation: In September 2015, an international team of more than 1000 researchers detected gravitational waves for the first time. Prof. Dr. Michèle Heurs explains this breakthrough and the Hannover contributions to it. [more]
Wahrheit und Objektivität im sog. „postfaktischen“ Zeitalter [more]
Mit außergewöhnlichem Laserlicht das All noch besser belauschen [more]
Live online talk (in German) about special laser light for gravitational-wave detectors. [more]
Lecture (in German) about gravitational waves, the detectors for them and astronomy with them. [more]
Since the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015, our knowledge of the universe has been enriched by a completely new window of observation – we can now not only observe the universe by means of electromagnetic telescopes and neutrino detectors, but also “eavesdrop” on it with interferometric gravitational-wave detectors. [more]
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