Generation of strongly squeezed states

We develop sources for highly squeezed states of light to improve precise metrological applications. We hold the world record for squeezed light states at a level of 15 dB.

In 2016 we have generated the most strongly squeezed laser light ever with a squeezing level of 15 dB. We have surpassed our own world record by far. The record-breaking light enables a new method to determine the quantum efficiency of photodetectors. The novel technique is independent of established methods and does not require laboriously calibrating reference light sources.


Vahlbruch, H.; Mehmet, M.; Danzmann, K.; Schnabel, R.: Detection of 15 dB Squeezed States of Light and their Application for the Absolute Calibration of Photoelectric Quantum Efficiency. Physical Review Letters 117, 110801 (2016)
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