Equal Opportunities at the AEI

The task of Equal Opportunity Officers (EOOs) is to promote and supervise the equal treatment of women and men within the institute, to prevent and help eradicate existing gender related discrimination. EOOs are involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures which affect the equal opportunities of women and men, the compatibility of work and family and the protection against sexual harassment at the workplace. The EOO is the contact person and counselor in cases of conflicts of all kinds and is subject to secrecy in this role.

Equal Opportunity Officers at the Albert Einstein Institute

The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) Equal Opportunity Officers (EOO) are elected for a period of four years. The last election took place in November 2020. You can get in touch with the EOOs at the sub-institutes via email:

eoo-h@aei.mpg.de EOO and deputy EOO at the AEI Hannover

EOO and deputy EOO at the AEI Potsdam

EOOs and deputy EOOs at the AEI Hannover and Potsdam

AEI employees will find additional information in the AEI Intranet.

Policy governing equal opportunities for women and men at the Max Planck Society

After the Central Works Council Agreement “Equal Opportunities for Women and Men at the Max Planck Society” was signed in April 2008, mandatory rules were established within the Max Planck Society (MPS). The MPS has set as goal, when making any decision, to take into account of the diversity of and differences between men and women and to prevent discrimination. Furthermore, the MPS supports the employment of equal numbers of both sexes, the provision of equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and career. Every employee, particularly those with supervisory and management positions, shall bear responsibility for these.

Career building support

Works agreement on social interaction

The sub-institute in Potsdam has a works agreement on social interaction. It applies to all kind of conflicts including bullying and sexual harassment. Internal users will find this works agreement in the Intranet.

Reimbursement for child care costs

Reimbursement of necessary child care costs during business trips is possible on request and according to the MPS guidelines.

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