Here you can find an overview of resources and contact points for female scientists, LGBTQ+ members, families, as well as employees with disability.

Resources for Female Scientists

Lise Meitner Excellence Program
A tenure track opportunity for outstanding female scientists.

A network for the female researchers of the Max Planck Society.

Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg
Mentoring for female researchers in natural sciences after their postdoc phase.

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation
Support for talented female researchers with children.

Resources for Families

Family Service "pme Familienservice"
The family support service is available to all AEI employees. Check it out if you need help looking for childcare or emergency care. Please use your AEI email address for access.

Kindergarten "Fröbel-Springfrosch" (Potsdam)
The employees and visitors of the AEI Potsdam can benefit from our cooperation with the international kindergarten, located just 5 minutes away from the institute. Contact us to help you get started.

Kindergarten "Leibniz-Kids" (Hannover)
The kindergarten offers regular day care places for up to 30 children, and 12 additional backup places. Feel free to reach out to us, if you have any questions or need support.

Parent-Child Office (Potsdam)
The parent-child office, located on the ground floor in room 0.10, aims to help employees and visitors with parenting responsibilities to resolve the short-term unavailability of other childcare options.

Nursing Room
The nursing room is a safe, relaxing space that new mothers at the AEI Potsdam can use for breastfeeding. Pregnant employees and visitors are welcome to use the room for resting as well.

Family-Friendly Restroom
The accessible restroom of the AEI Potsdam, across from seminar room 0.01, now has an additional function of a family-friendly restroom. The restroom is equipped with a diaper-changing table, diaper bin, step stool for children and a potty.

Support for LGBTQ+

MPQueer Network
MPQueer is a network that works towards the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community within the Max Planck Society. You don’t have to be explicitly and/or openly queer to be part of this network, a certain understanding about the complexity of sex, sexuality and gender should be enough.

All-Gender Restrooms
At the AEI Potsdam, we are also very happy to have 2 all-gender restrooms, in order to accommodate the needs of non-binary employees and visitors. The restrooms can be found on the first and second floor of the library. 

Persons with Disability

The Max Planck Society has a representative of severely disabled persons that you can reach out to, in case you have any questions or need help:

Christiane Berse, MPI for Molecular Physiology, Dortmund:

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