AEI Diversity Committee

Here at the AEI, we value diversity, and would like to help create and maintain an environment friendly to people of all backgrounds, regardless of gender, cultural background, appearance, age, sexual orientation and beliefs. We are happy you are part of the beautiful AEI mosaic!

Diversity Committee (DC)

In order to promote the culture of diversity, a Diversity Committee was set up at the AEI Potsdam in 2021. We usually meet once per month to discuss what steps can help us make the institute more welcoming to diversity. We are open to your ideas and suggestions! Anyone is welcome to join the meetings as a guest.

What is Our Goal?

Our mission is to help establish a culture of diversity at the institute. We are here to come up with concrete steps on how to make the AEI a more inclusive place, prioritize the measures, and track the progress.

Who’s in DC Potsdam?

  • Dr. Laura Sberna (Postdoc, Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer, chair DC)
  • Darya Niakhaichyk (International Officer, Equal Opportunity Officer)
  • Prof. Harald Pfeiffer (Group Leader, ACR division, elected member of DC)
  • Dr. Aurore Betranhandy (Postdoc, CRA division, elected member of DC)
  • Dr. Axel Kleinschmidt (representative from the Works Council)
  • Matthias Blittersdorf (deputy representative from the Works Council)

Are you interested to join one of our meetings? Get in touch with us:

Who’s in DC Hannover?

  • Narjiss Messied (PhD student, elected member, chair DC)
  • Serena Giardino (PhD student, Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer)
  • Megha Dave (PhD student, elected member of DC)
  • Dr. Markus Otto (lecturer, elected member of DC)

Diversity Resources at the Max Planck Society:

MPQueer network 

PhDnet Equal Opportunity group 

PostdocNet Equity and Diversity group 

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