Searches for compact binary coalescences

The research of the compact binary coalescence (CBC) group is concerned with gravitational waves from binary systems consisting of compact objects (black holes and/or neutron stars) in a compact orbit around each other.

The activities of the group are closely connected with the analysis of data from the LIGO, Virgo, and GEO600 detectors. The research interests of the group ranges from observational searches of data from these detectors, developing new analysis methods and software, understanding and extending the gravitational wave signal models, and theoretical aspects of black hole physics relevant to such binary systems.

First LIGO/Virgo detection of a binary neutron star merger (GW170817)

Our group contributes to various projects, aiming at the gravitational-wave detection and characterization of compact binary coalescences. These projects include:​​​​​​

  • Deep searches for binary neutron star, binary black hole, and neutron star - black hole coalescences 
  • Searches for exotic mergers involving eccentric sources, primordial black holes, or novel physics
  • Detection and constraints on beyond GR physics through analysis of black hole ringdown signals
  • Developing new methodologies and improving existing codes for the detection and inference of CBC signals using current and future detectors.
  • Theoretical work on black holes

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