Coherent Quantum Noise Cancellation

Coherent Quantum Noise Cancellation

With the sensitivity of next generation gravitational wave detectors prospectively reaching the standard quantum limit of interferometry, it is crucial to reduce this fundamental noise to further increase the sensitivity of the instrument.

The dominant effect will soon be radiation pressure noise, a direct consequence of the quantum nature of light. Our group started works on coherent noise cancellation for optomechanical sensing and gravitational wave detectors, funded by the Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 7 “Gravitationswellenastronomie” (SFB TR7).

The goal of this project is to achieve a proof-of-principle demonstration of a quantum feed-forward scheme achieving back-action cancellation in an optomechanical system by means of destructive interference. To this end we have established two collaborations, with Mankei Tsang from NUS (Singapore), the author of the theoretical proposal, and with Klemens Hammerer from the Institute for Theoretical Physics (LUH).

As the sensitivity of interferometric gravitational wave detectors steadily increases we will intensify our research activities in this field over the next years.

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