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Barkett, K.; Scheel, M. A.; Haas, R.; Ott, C. D.; Bernuzzi, S.; Brown, D. A.; Szilágyi, B.; Kaplan, J. D.; Lippuner, J.; Muhlberger, C. D. et al.; Foucart, F.; Duez, M. D.: Gravitational waveforms for neutron star binaries from binary black hole simulations. Physical Review D 93, 044064 (2016)
Journal Article
Foucart, F.; Haas, R.; Duez, M. D.; O'Connor, E.; Ott, C. D.; Roberts, L.; Kidder, L. E.; Lippuner, J.; Pfeiffer, H. P.; Scheel, M. A.: Low mass binary neutron star mergers: gravitational waves and neutrino emission. Physical Review D 93, 044019 (2016)
Journal Article
Haas, R.; Ott, C. D.; Szilagyi, B.; Kaplan, J. D.; Lippuner, J.; Scheel, M. A.; Barkett, K.; Muhlberger, C. D.; Dietrich, T.; Duez, M. D. et al.; Foucart, F.; Pfeiffer, H. P.; Kidder, L. E.; Teukolsky, S. A.: Simulations of inspiraling and merging double neutron stars using the Spectral Einstein Code. Physical Review D 93, 124062 (2016)
Journal Article
Radice, D.; Ott, C.; Abdikamalov, E.; Couch, S. M.; Haas, R.; Schnetter, E.: Neutrino-Driven Convection in Core-Collapse Supernovae: High-Resolution Simulations. The Astrophysical Journal 820, 76 (2016)
Journal Article
Roberts, L. F.; Ott, C. D.; Haas, R.; O'Connor, E. P.; Diener, P.; Schnetter, E.: General Relativistic Three-Dimensional Multi-Group Neutrino Radiation-Hydrodynamics Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae. The Astrophysical Journal 831 (1), 98 (2016)
Journal Article
Foucart, F.; O'Connor, E.; Roberts, L.; Duez, M. D.; Haas, R.; Kidder, L. E.; Ott, C. D.; Pfeiffer, H. P.; Scheel, M. A.; Szilagyi, B.: Post-merger evolution of a neutron star-black hole binary with neutrino transport. Physical Review D 91, 124021 (2015)
Journal Article
Abdikamalov, E.; Ott, C. D.; Radice, D.; Roberts, L. F.; Haas, R.; Reisswig, C.; Moesta, P.; Klion, H.; Schnetter, E.: Neutrino-driven Turbulent Convection and Standing Accretion Shock Instability in Three-Dimensional Core-Collapse Supernovae. The Astrophysical Journal 808 (1), 70 (2015)
Journal Article
Etienne, Z. B.; Paschalidis, V.; Haas, R.; Moesta, P.; Shapiro, S. L.: IllinoisGRMHD: An Open-Source, User-Friendly GRMHD Code for Dynamical Spacetimes. Classical and quantum gravity 32 (17), 175009 (2015)
Journal Article
Tacik, N.; Foucart, F.; Pfeiffer, H. P.; Haas, R.; Ossokine, S.; Kaplan, J.; Muhlberger, C.; Duez, M. D.; Kidder, L. E.; Scheel, M. A. et al.; Szilágyi, B.: Binary Neutron Stars with Arbitrary Spins in Numerical Relativity. Physical Review D 92, 124012 (2015)
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