Publications in 2021

Recently submitted

B. Beheshtipour, M. A. Papa
Deep learning for clustering of continuous gravitational wave candidates II: identification of low-SNR candidates
arXiv:2012.04381 (2020)
V. Dergachev, M. A. Papa
Results from high-frequency all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from small-ellipticity sources
arXiv:2012.04232 (2020)
S.R. Valluri, V. Dergachev, X. Zhang, and F.A. Chishtie
The Fourier Transform of the Continuous Gravitational Wave Signal
B. Steltner, M. A. Papa, H.-B. Eggenstein, B. Allen, V. Dergachev, R. Prix, B. Machenschalk, S. Walsh, S. J. Zhu, S. Kwang
Einstein@Home all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO O2 public data
arXiv:2009.12260 (2020)


C. J. Clark, L. Nieder et al.
Einstein@Home Discovery of the Gamma-ray Millisecond Pulsar PSR J2039−5617 Confirms Its Predicted Redback Nature
MNRAS Volume 502, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 915–934 (2021)
Y. Zhang, M. A. Papa, B. Krishnan, A. L. Watts
Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1 in LIGO O2 Data
The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 906, Number 2 (2021)
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