Speaker: Jean-Luc Lehners

Public talk (in German) “Neues vom Anfang des Universums”

Public talk
Jean-Luc Lehners will hold a talk about the beginning of the Universe. He will discuss wheter the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe, whether time and space were created in it, and whether there was something before the Big Bang. [more]

Campus Talks (in German)

Public talk
Jean-Luc Lehners talks about the Big Bang and about what happened before. [more]

Public talk (in German) “Big Bang”

Public talk
Public talk by Jean-Luc Lehners as part of the event series “Science2Go” at the Potsdam Science Park. [more]

Faszination Astronomie Online “Wie Raum und Zeit entstanden sind”

Public talk
Faszination Astronomie Online bietet immer dienstags und donnerstags an dieser Stelle um 19 Uhr eine halbe Stunde Astronomie. [more]

Presentation: Big Bang or quantum jump? (In German)

Public talk
In his presentation, Jean-Luc Lehners will describe our current understanding of the Big Bang, i.e. the origin of the universe. [more]

#knowember: “Der Anfang des Universums” (talk in German)

Public talk
Online-Vortrag über den Anfang des Universums [more]
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