Supplementary Material

for the publication “Results from the first all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from small-ellipticity sources”

The supplemental upper limit file contains upper limits data. Each line has values separated with TAB character.

The first line of the file provides the column names:

  • band - start of frequency band in Hz
  • first_bin - start of frequency band in units of 1/3600 Hz for bands belowm1000 Hz, and in units of 1/1800 Hz for bands above 1000 Hz.
  • ul - worst-case upper limit
  • ul_circ - upper limit on circularly polarized signals
  • ul_avg - population average proxy
  • ul_spindown0 - worst-case upper limit covering ~0 spindown signals.

By downloading this file you agree to cite the relevant paper if you use it for a publication.

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