Public events

Public events

The Max Planck Institute at its locations in Potsdam and Hannover offers on-site and online events in various formats for the interested public.

Upcoming public events

Public talk (in German) “Gravitationswellen - wenn stellare Schwarze Löcher verschmelzen”

Public talk
  • Date: May 24, 2022
  • Time: 15:30 - 17:00
  • Speaker: Karsten Danzmann
  • Location: DLR Köln Porz, Gebäude 53
  • Room: Großer Saal
  • Host: DLR Astroseminar
More than 100 years ago, Albert Einstein predicted that large, compact, and fast-moving masses, such as those that occur in stellar explosions, cause dents in space-time that propagate like waves. These gravitational waves produce tiny length changes over millions of light-years as small as a fraction of an atomic nucleus. Their analysis illuminates, among other things, the physical processes of distant mergers of massive, compact objects that remain hidden from conventional astronomical measurement methods. [more]

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Einstein macht Schule
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