Events in 2019

Maße jenseits menschlicher Dimensionen - Naturkonstanten und Paralleluniversen

Public Event
Hermann Nicolai, Director at the AEI in Potsdam, and Alexander Blum, Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin discuss the relevance of natural constants for modern science and the measure of everything measurable. [more]

Jürgen Ehlers Spring School 2019

Jürgen Ehlers Spring School 2019
The AEI offers a crash course on Black Holes and gravitational wave astrophysics. This course can be attended by students studying from the 5th semester Physics or Mathematics. [more]

Zukunftstag 2019 am AEI Hannover

Public Event
The “Future Day” (Zukunftstag) for girls and boys at AEI Hannover. [more]

Future Day (Zukunftstag) 2019 at AEI Potsdam

The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) in Potsdam will participate in the Brandenburg Zukunftstag (Future Day) 2019 on 28th March. The event is fully booked. [more]
Popular lecture about how merging black holes sound and what you can learn about them. [more]

Public talk (in German) “Einsteins Zeit”

Public talk
Einstein's theory of relativity has revolutionized our understanding of time and space and their relation to each other. What we know about spacetime, time travel and the like is summarized in this lecture. [more]

Potsdam Science Day

Potsdam Science Day
The AEI in Potsdam participates in the Potsdam Science Day. [more]

LISA Waveform Working Group Meeting

The meeting aims at getting together leading international experts and young scientists to identify pressing tasks concerning LISA waveform modelling in its broadest sense and to foster new international collaborations. [more]

Black holes and the problem of lo(o)sing information

Public talk
Public talk about black holes. [more]

Open Day at GEO600

Open Day
Visit the gravitational-wave detector near Sarstedt. [more]

Soapbox Science Berlin “Go with the quantum flow”

Public talk

Listen to the Universe

Visit of GEO600
Talk about gravitational-wave astronomy and visit of the GEO600 gravitational-wave detector GEO600 near Sarstedt (in German) on 24th of July 2019. This event is part of the Hörregion Hannover. [more]
Popular-science lecture by Hermann Nicolai about the search for a “theory of everything”. [more]

The Making of High-Precision Gravitational Waves

Public talk
Public lecture by Alessandra Buonanno [more]
Public talk (in Italian) about the origin of the Universe. [more]
Popular science lecture about the Big Bang and cosmology. [more]

Gravitational Waves: The Nobel Prize - and what's next?

Public talk
Public lecture by Harald Pfeiffer as part of the series “Science2Go” in the Science Park Potsdam-Golm. [more]
Public talk by Bruce Allen, director at the AEI Hannover. [more]

Soapbox Science Berlin “Go with the quantum flow”

Public talk

Public talk (in German): Schwarze Löcher auf Kollisionskurs: Wenn Raum und Zeit erzittern

Public talk
Jan Steinhoff will give a puplic talk (in German) about gravitational waves, black holes and the dark side of our universe. [more]

Soapbox Science Berlin “From Newton's apple to gravitational waves”

Public talk

IMPRS Lectures for Graduate Students

IMPRS Lectures
As part of the International Max Planck Research School on Gravitational-Wave Astronomy, the AEI in Potsdam organises lectures for graduate students. The first course "Making sense of data: introduction to statistics for gravitational wave astronomy" will take place in Fall/Winter 2019/2020. [more]
Why does the Universe appear silent and empty when life - and presumably intelligent life - exists elsewhere? [more]

Symposium "History for Physics: Quantum Gravity"

This symposium aims at demonstrating the importance of the history of physics within current research in physics itself. [more]

Workshop "Geometry and Duality"

This workshop will bring together experts from different fields of string theory where dualities and geometry play an important role. [more]

Public talk (in German) “Wenn Schwarze Löcher Raum und Zeit erschüttern”

Public talk
In the lecture Frank Ohme describes how gravitational waves help to track down black holes and other compact objects and how nuances in their “sound” can be deciphered with the help of supercomputers. [more]
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