Papers published in 2023

by members of the “Continuous Gravitational Waves” research group

Joshi, P. M.; Prix, R.: A novel neural-network architecture for continuous gravitational waves. Physical Review D 108, 063021 (2023)
Bihain, G.: Search of nearby resolved neutron stars among optical sources. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 524, pp. 5658 - 5707 (2023)
Pagliaro, G.; Papa, M. A.; Ming, J.; Lian, J.; Tsuna, D.; Maraston, C.; Thomas, D.: Continuous gravitational waves from Galactic neutron stars: demography, detectability and prospects. The Astrophysical Journal 952 (2), 123 (2023)
Steltner, B.; Papa, M. A.; Eggenstein, H.-B.; Prix, R.; Bensch, M.; Allen, B.; Machenschalk, B.: Deep Einstein@Home all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO O3 public data. The Astrophysical Journal 952 (1), 55 (2023)
Dergachev, V.; Papa, M. A.: Frequency-Resolved Atlas of the Sky in Continuous Gravitational Waves. Physical Review X 13, 021020 (2023)
Mukherjee, A.; Prix, R.; Wette, K.: Implementation of a new weave-based search pipeline for continuous gravitational waves from known binary systems. Physical Review D 107 (6), 062005 (2023)
Singh, A.; Papa, M. A.: Opportunistic search for continuous gravitational waves from compact objects in long-period binaries. The Astrophysical Journal 943 (2), 99 (2023)
Clark, C. J.; Breton, R. P.; Barr, E. D.; Burgay, M.; Thongmeearkom, T.; Nieder, L.; Buchner, S.; Stappers, B.; Kramer, M.; Becker, W. et al.; Mayer, M.; Phosrisom, A.; Ashok, A.; Bezuidenhout, M. C.; Calore, F.; Cognard, I.; Freire, P. C. C.; Geyer, M.; Grießmeier, J.-M.; Karuppusamy, R.; Levin, L.; Padmanabh, P. V.; Possenti, A.; Ransom, S.; Serylak, M.; Krishnan, V. V.; Vleeschower, L.; Behrend, J.; Champion, D. J.; Chen, W.; Horn, D.; Keane, E. F.; Künkel, L.; Men, Y.; Ridolfi, A.; Dhillon, V. S.; Marsh, T. R.; Papa, M. A.: The TRAPUM L-band survey for pulsars in Fermi-LAT gamma-ray sources. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 519 (4), pp. 5590 - 5606 (2023)

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