Publications of Alexander H. Nitz

Journal Article (44)

Journal Article
Harry, I.; Calderón Bustillo, J.; Nitz, A. H.: Searching for the full symphony of black hole binary mergers. Physical Review D 97, 023004 (2018)
Journal Article
Nitz, A. H.: Distinguishing short duration noise transients in LIGO data to improve the PyCBC search for gravitational waves from high mass binary black hole mergers. Classical and Quantum Gravity 35 (3), 035016 (2018)
Journal Article
Nitz, A. H.; Dal Canton, T.; Davis, D.; Reyes, S.: Rapid detection of gravitational waves from compact binary mergers with PyCBC Live. Physical Review D 98 (2), 024050 (2018)
Journal Article
Westerweck, J.; Nielsen, A.; Birnholtz, O.; Cabero, M.; Capano, C.; Dent, T.; Krishnan, B.; Meadors, G. D.; Nitz, A. H.: Low significance of evidence for black hole echoes in gravitational wave data. Physical Review D 97 (12), 124037 (2018)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Evans, M.; Adhikari, R. X.; Afle, C.; Ballmer, S. W.; Biscoveanu, S.; Borhanian, S.; Brown, D. A.; Chen, Y.; Eisenstein, R.; Gruson, A. et al.; Gupta, A.; Hall, E. D.; Huxford, R.; Kamai, B.; Kashyap, R.; Kissel, J. S.; Kuns, K.; Landry, P.; Lenon, A.; Lovelace, G.; McCuller, L.; Ng, K. K. Y.; Nitz, A. H.; Read, J.; Sathyaprakash, B. S.; Shoemaker, D. H.; Slagmolen, B. J. J.; Smith, J. R.; Srivastava, V.; Sun, L.; Vitale, S.; Weiss, R.: A Horizon Study for Cosmic Explorer: Science, Observatories, and Community. Cosmic Explorer Technical Report CE–P2100003–v6 August 2021 (2021), 171 pages pp.
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