from the “Binary Merger Observations and Numerical Relativity” group

IOP 2023 Top Cited Paper Award for GW170817 model comparison publication

LIGO-Virgo collaboration paper in the top 1% of the most-cited astronomy and astrophysics articles recently published in IOP journals more

Gravitational-wave detectors start next observing run to explore the secrets of the Universe

Today the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Collaboration begins a new observing run with upgraded instruments, new and even more accurate signal models, and more advanced data analysis methods. more

Gravitational-wave detectors prepare for next observing run

The LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaboration is making progress towards the start of the next observing run. more

Gravitational waves, articifical intelligence, and autonomous vehicles

Dr. Marlin Schäfer, once the group's first master's student, leaves for applied research after successfully completing his doctoral studies more

The attraction of gravitational physics

Postdoc Dr. Shrobana Gosh joins the group to work on improving phenomenological waveform models more

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