Publications of Bernard F. Schutz

Journal Article (283)

Journal Article
Schutz, B. F.: Hamiltonian Theory of a Relativistic Perfect Fluid. Physical Review D 4 (12), pp. 3559 - 3566 (1971)
Journal Article
Schutz, B. F.: Perfect Fluids in General Relativity: Velocity Potentials and a Variational Principle. Physical Review D 2 (12), pp. 2762 - 2773 (1970)
Journal Article
Schutz, B. F.: Taylor Instabilities in Relativistic Stars. Astrophysical Journal 161, pp. 1173 - 1176 (1970)

Book (4)

Everitt, C.W.F.; Huber, M.C.E.; Kallenbach, R.; Schäfer, G.; Schutz, B. F.; Treumann, R.A.: Probing the Nature of Gravity: confronting theory and experiments in space. Springer (2010), 574 pp.
Schutz, B. F. (Ed.): Gravity from the Ground Up: An Introductory Guide to Gravity and General Relativity. (2003)
Schutz, B. F.: A First Course in General Relativity. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge (1985), 376 pp.
Schutz, B. F.: Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1980), 250 pp.

Book Chapter (12)

Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.: Gravity Talks: Observing the Universe with Gravitational Waves. In: General Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics (Fundamental Theories of Physics, 177), pp. 459 - 475 (2014)
Book Chapter
Sathyaprakash , B. S.; Schutz, B. F.: Gravitational wave data analysis. In: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detector, pp. 71 - 88 (Ed. Ju, L.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2012)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.: Thoughts About a Conceptual Framework for Relativistic Gravity. In: Einstein and the Changing Worldviews of Physics, Einstein Studies 12, pp. 259 - 269 (Eds. Lehner , C.; Renn, J.; Schemmel, M.). Birkhäuser, New York u.a. (2012)
Book Chapter
Wen, L.; Schutz, B. F.: Network analysis. In: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detector, pp. 112 - 136 (Ed. Ju, L.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2012)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.: Gravitational Radiation. In: Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. Vol 2, pp. 1030 - 1042 (Ed. Murdin, P.). Institute of Physics Publishing / Nature Publishing Group, Bristol, Philadelphia, London u.a. (2001)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.; Ricci, F.: Gravitational Waves, Sources and Detectors. In: Gravitational Waves (Eds. Ciufolini, I.; Gorini, V.; Moschella, U.; Fré, P.). Institute of Physics, Bristol (2001)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.; Nicholson, D.: LIGO: Identifying gravitational waves. In: Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy II, pp. 225 - 239 (Eds. Babu, G. J.; Feigelson, E. D.). Springer, Berlin u.a (1997)
Book Chapter
Bender, P.; Ciufolini, I.; Danzmann, K.; Folkner, W.M.; Hough, J.; Robertson, D.; Rüdiger, A.; Sandford, M.; Schilling, R.; Schutz, B. F. et al.; Stebbins, R.; Sumner, T.; Touboul, P.; Vitale, S.; Ward, H.; Winkler, W.; Cornelisse, J.; Hechler, F.; Jafry, Y.; Reinhard, R.: LISA. Laser Interferometer Space Antenna for the detection and observation of gravitational waves. A Cornerstone Project in ESA's Long Term Space Science Programme "Horizon 2000 Plus". In: Pre-Phase A Report, Vol. MPQ-208 (1995)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.; Will, C. M.: Gravitation and General Relativity. In: Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, pp. 303 - 340 (Ed. Trigg, G. L.). Wiley - VCH, New York, Weinheim ... (1993)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.: Data Processing, analysis, and storage for interferometric antennas. In: The Detection of Gravitational Waves, pp. 406 - 451 (Ed. Blair, D. G.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1991)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.: Synergism Between Numerical and Analytic Relativity. In: Dynamical Spacetimes and Numerical Relativity, pp. 446 - 465 (Ed. Centrella, J.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1986)
Book Chapter
Schutz, B. F.: On Generalised Equations of Geodesic Deviation. In: Galaxies, axisymmetric systems and relativity: essays presentd to W. B. Bonnor on his 65th birthday, pp. 237 - 246 (Ed. MacCallum, M. A. H.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1985)

Proceedings (3)

Krishnan, B.; Papa, M. A.; Schutz, B. F. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 11th gravitational wave data analysis workshop, potsdam, Germany, 18-21 December 2006 (Classical and quantum gravity, 24). 11th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop, Potsdam, Germany, December 18, 2006 - December 21, 2006. (2007)
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