Supplementary Material

for the publication “Characterizing the continuous gravitational-wave signal from boson clouds around Galactic isolated black holes”

These are the simulated ensemble signals that accompany arXiv:2003.03359; please refer to this paper for more details.

The five tarballs here contain the simulated signals for five different black hole populations:

Mmax20_spinMax0p3.tar.gz; mass: [5, 20]Msun; spin: [0, 0.3] (14.5 MB)
Mmax20_spinMax0p5.tar.gz; mass: [5, 20]Msun; spin: [0, 0.5] (491.9 MB)
Mmax20_spinMax1p0.tar.gz; mass: [5, 20]Msun; spin: [0, 1.0] (2.4 GB)
Mmax30_spinMax0p5.tar.gz; mass: [5, 30]Msun; spin: [0, 0.5] (675.1 MB)
Mmax30_spinMax1p0.tar.gz; mass: [5, 30]Msun; spin: [0, 1.0] (3.2 GB)

where “mass” is the initial black hole mass at formation and “spin” is the initial dimensionless black hole spin. For all five of these populations, the black holes are given an average kick of 50 km/s at birth.

Within a directory, each file contains the simulated ensemble signals with h0 > 1e-26, for a particular boson mass.

The name of the file contains information about both the boson and the black hole population. e.g.:


means the boson mass is 4e-13 eV and the black hole population is the one listed above with a maximum mass of 20 Msun and a maximum spin of 1.0.

In each file, the columns are as follows:
fgw_obs GW frequency observed at the detector (includes Doppler shift) [Hz]
h0_obs h0 (strain) observed at the detector
fdot_obs first time derivative of fgw_obs, due to shrinking cloud mass [Hz/s]
d distance to black hole [kpc]
ra right ascension of black hole [rad]
dec declination of black hole [rad]
v_obs radial velocity of black hole observed at the detector [km/s]
age_BH age of black hole, since formation [Gyr]
age_cloud age of boson cloud, since cloud formation [Gyr]
fgw_source GW frequency at the source (i.e., without Doppler shift) [Hz]
MBH_i mass of black hole at birth (i.e., before cloud forms) [Msun]
chi_i dimensionless spin of black hole at birth (i.e., before cloud forms)
fgw_source_birth GW frequency at the source when the cloud is first “fully formed” (i.e., the fgw at h0_obs_birth) [Hz]
h0_obs_birth corresponds to “h0_peak” in the text, observed at a distance d
tgw GW “half-time” or emission timescale; “tau_GW” in the text [yr]
Mcloud mass of the cloud when fully formed [Msun]
alpha_f “alpha” value corresponding to final BH mass (after cloud fully forms)
chi_f final BH spin (after cloud fully forms)
cosi, psi parameters describing the orientation of the black hole spin axis
phi0 phase of the continuous GW signal at the reference time
seed=# used for internal bookkeeping of random number generation

If a line contains h0_obs = 0, this indicates that the cloud has formed very recently and the signals have not yet reached Earth.
If a file contains only 'nan,' this indicates that there are no signals with h0 > 1e-26.

By downloading these files you agree to cite the relevant paper if you use them for a publication.

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