Parent-Child Office

AEI Potsdam, room 0.10

The parent-child office aims to help employees and visitors with parenting responsibilities to resolve the short-term unavailability of other childcare options. It also seeks to enable researchers with children, visiting our institute as guests, to travel with children.

The parent-child office is divided into a working area for the parent, and a children's area. The children's area is equipped with a playing mat, a child's table and chair, and various toys. In addition, the parent-child office contains a small sofa and a space for a stroller.

The accessible all-gender family bathroom with a changing table, located in the immediate proximity of the parent-child office, also serves as a unisex baby changing room. The coffee kitchen in the adjacent area is also available to users of the parent-child office.

You can use the parent-child office without a prior reservation on a first come, first served basis. Prior reservation is possible and desirable. In order to reserve a time slot in the parent-child office, you can put your name down on the printed schedule located on the door of the parent-child office. Alternatively, you can contact the AEI International Office, or the assistant of your department.

We look forward to welcoming you and our little visitors at the AEI!

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