The Einstein Window - A journey into spacetime

March 14, 2005

Just in time for the Einstein Year, the publishing house Hoffmann und Campe has published “The Einstein Window”, a book that explains Einstein's theories with ease. In it, author Markus Pössel from the Albert Einstein Institute takes interested readers on an exciting “journey into spacetime”.

A hundred years of relativity and still hardly anyone knows what it actually is. Can only geniuses understand it? Not at all, says Dr. Markus Pössel from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute/AEI) in Potsdam-Golm. He leads the reader interested in modern natural science through the world of thought of the great physicist up to the current exploration of the universe - step by step, without formulas, but with clear examples and pictures. If you want to understand the sensational discoveries of today's cosmology, it is best to start with Einstein. His General Theory of Relativity “is a true master of the extreme situations that the universe has to offer. It revolutionizes concepts such as space and time that we thought we had long understood - before Einstein showed us that everything is completely different.”

And Pössel proves in his new book that this can be fun. It is full of funny stories and is illustrated in colour throughout. It seduces the reader to engage in unusual thought experiments that give rise to many a eureka! experience and leads him to the current major project in space-time research: gravitational wave astronomy. “The Einstein Window” whets the reader's appetite for more knowledge and opens a new window for a view into the infinite vastness of the universe. The book is published under the title “The Einstein Window - A Journey into Spacetime” by Hoffmann und Campe. ISBN 3-455-09494-5.

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