Upcoming Events

Online-Vortrag über den Anfang des Universums [more]
Faszination Astronomie Online offers a half hour of astronomy every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. [more]
Online talk about black holes and their collisions. [more]
Online-Vortrag über Europas Gravitationswellen-Detektor der nächsten Generation. [more]
Online-Vortrag über die erstaunliche Welt der Neutronensterne. [more]
Talk about tests of Einstein's theory of relativity with gravitational waves [more]
Online talk about the cataclysmic collision of neutron stars [more]
Vortrag über den Weg zu LISA, dem Gravitationswellen-Observatorium im All [more]
Public lecture on the current state of gravitational-wave and multimessenger astronomy. [more]
Did the Universe have a beginning? Did space, time and matter emerge from a first event that we conventionally call the “Big Bang”? [more]
The Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop 2021 will take place in Hannover. [more]
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