Upcoming Events

The Hildesheimer Gesellschaft für Astronomie e. V. (HiGA) invites in the context of its series “Science - generally understandable” to a lecture about an area, which has immensely challenged the imagination of people in the past more than 100 years: Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and its importance in our everyday life as well as for the understanding of the universe. [more]

Workshop: Connecting the dots

The key focus of this workshop is to pave the way toward complete and accurate inspiral-merger-ringdown waveform templates in modified gravity theories. [more]
DPG Teacher Training - Contribution to the Science Year “Our Universe”: In the lectures and workshops, some important concepts of all facets of gravitational-wave astronomy will be elaborated and ideas and suggestions for physics teaching will be developed. [more]

MS Wissenschaft in Hanover

A floating science center with exhibits to try out and participate in. That is the idea behind the MS Wissenschaft. It has now been sailing every summer for the Year of Science for more than 20 years. In the Year of Science 2023 - Our Universe, science, politics and society are taking a look from Earth into space from a variety of perspectives ... and back again. The goal: a stimulating exchange on the major topic of space between citizens and researchers. [more]
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