Student Internships

The AEI occasionally offers student internships. Students are expected to actively participate in the activities of one of the research groups. This webpage contains information on how to apply.

If you would like to apply for an internship at the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI), please follow the instructions below. If you have further questions after reading this and the linked webpages, please contact the press officer of the sub-institute you are interested in spending your internship at.

Department Location Internships
Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity,
Computational Relativistic Astrophysics,
Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories
Potsdam For internships, please check the webpages of the individual departments.
Observational Relativity and Cosmology Hannover

Please follow the instructions on this webpage.

Laser Interferometry and Gravitational-wave Astronomy,
Precision Interferometry and Fundamental Interactions
Hannover Currently, we do not accept internship applications in these departments.

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