Publications of Hermann Nicolai

Journal Article (182)

Journal Article
Nicolai, H.: Extensions of supersymmetric spin systems. Journal of Physics A 10 (12), pp. 2143 - 2151 (1977)
Journal Article
Nicolai, H.: Supersymmetry and spin systems. Journal of Physics A 9 (9), pp. 1497 - 1506 (1976)

Book Chapter (9)

Book Chapter
Kleinschmidt, A.; Nicolai, H.; Vigano, A.: On spinorial representations of involutory subalgebras of Kac-Moody algebras. In: Partition Functions and Automorphic Forms, pp. 179 - 215. Springer (2020)
Book Chapter
Kleinschmidt, A.; Nicolai, H.: Higher spin representations of K(E10). In: Higher Spin Gauge Theories, pp. 25 - 38. World Scientific, London u.a. (2017)
Book Chapter
Nicolai, H.; Kleinschmidt, A.: Cosmological Quantum Billiards. In: Foundations of Space and Time: Reflections on Quantum Gravity, 6 (Eds. Murugan, J.; Weltman, A.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2011)
Book Chapter
Damour, T.; Henneaux, M.; Nicolai, H.: Billiard Dynamics of Einstein-Matter Systems Near a Spacelike Singularity. In: Lectures on Quantum Gravity, pp. 207 - 247 (Eds. Gomberoff, A.; Marolf, D.). Springer, Berlin, New York (2005)
Book Chapter
Nicolai, H.: Gravitational Billiards, Dualities and Hidden Symmetries. In: 100 Years of Relativity Spacetime Structure: Einstein and Beyond, pp. 39 - 75 (Ed. Ashtekar, A.). World Scientific, Singapore (2005)
Book Chapter
Nicolai, H.: Supersymmetry, Kähler geometry and beyond. In: Mathematische Werke = Mathematical Works, pp. 907 - 916 (Eds. Berndt, R.; Riemenschneider, O.). Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, New York (2003)
Book Chapter
Nicolai, H.; Nagar, A.: Infinite-dimensional symmetries in gravity. In: Gravitational Waves, pp. 243 - 279 (Eds. Ciufolini, I.; Gorini, V.; Moschella, U.; Fré, P.). Institute of Physics, Bristol (2001)
Book Chapter
Gebert, R. W.; Nicolai, H.: E10 for beginners. In: Strings and Symmetries, pp. 197 - 210. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (1995)
Book Chapter
Nicolai, H.: Two-dimensional gravities and supergravities as integrable systems. In: Recent Aspects of Quantum Fields, pp. 231 - 273. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (1991)

Proceedings (1)

On 2D quantum gravity coupled to a σ-model (Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 49). 29th International Symposium Ahrenshoop on the Theory of Elementary Pa, Buckow, Brandenburg, Germany, August 29, 1995 - September 02, 1995. (1996), 9 pp.

Conference Paper (16)

Conference Paper
Fleig, P.; Nicolai, H.: Hidden Symmetries: From bkl to Kac-moody. In: Proceedings of the MG13 Meeting on General Relativity, pp. 80 - 82 (Eds. Rosquist , K.; Jantzen , R. T.; Ruffini , R.). The Thirteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Stockholm University, Sweden, July 01, 2012 - July 07, 2012. World Scientific (2015)
Conference Paper
Nicolai, H.: Quantum Gravity: the view from particle physics. In: General Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics: Perspectives 100 years after Einstein's stay in Prague. Fundamental Theories of Physics, Vol. 177, pp. 369 - 387. Relativity and Gravitation - 100 years after Einstein in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, June 25, 2012 - June 29, 2012. Springer (2014)
Conference Paper
Kleinschmidt, A.; Nicolai, H.: Hidden Symmetries, Cosmological singularitites and the E10 / K(E10) Sigma Model. In: The Eleventh Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, pp. 49 - 72 (Eds. Kleinert, H.; Jantzen, R. T.; Ruffini, R.). Eleventh Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, Berlin, Germany, July 23, 2006 - July 29, 2006. World Scientific, New Jersey [u.a.] (2008)
Conference Paper
Nicolai, H.; Samtleben, H.: An effective field theory description for Kaluza Klein supergravity on AdS3 x S3. In: Deserfest: a celebration of the life and works of Stanley Deser, pp. 217 - 232 (Ed. Liu, J. T. e. a.). Deserfest meeting, Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics (MCTP), Ann Arbor, USA, April 03, 2004 - April 05, 2004. World Scientific, Singapore [u.a.] (2006)
Conference Paper
Damour, T.; Nicolai, H.: Eleven dimensional supergravity and the E10/K(E10) sigma-model at low A9 levels. In: Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: Proceedings of the XXV International Colloqium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Cocoyoc, Mexico, 2-6 August, 2004, pp. 93 - 112. XXV International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Cocoyoc, Mexico, August 02, 2004 - August 06, 2004. (2005)
Conference Paper
Feingold, A. J.; Nicolai, H.: Subalgebras of Hyperbolic Kac-Moody Algebras. In: Kac-Moody Lie Algebras and Related Topics, pp. 97 - 114 (Eds. Sthanumoorthy, N.; Misra, K.). Ramanujan International Symposium on Kac-Moody Lie Algebras and Applications, Chennai, India, January 28, 2002 - January 31, 2002. (2004)
Conference Paper
Nicolai, H.; Fischbacher, T.: Low Level Representations for E10 and E11. In: Proceedings of International Symposium on Kac Moody Algebras and Applications, pp. 191 - 228 (Eds. Sthanumoorthy, N.; Misra, K. C.). Ramanujan International Symposium on Kac-Moody Lie Algebras and Applications, Chennai, India, January 28, 2002 - January 31, 2002. American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI (2004)
Conference Paper
Nicolai, H.; De Wit, B.; Samtleben, H.: Gauged supergravities in three dimensions: a panoramic overview. 27th Johns Hopkins Workshop on Current Problems in Particle Theory, Goteborg, August 24, 2003 - August 26, 2003. (2003)
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