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New ESA Science Program is out

June 11, 2021

Based on the recommendations of the Senior Committee, the ESA’s Director of Science Günther Hasinger and the Science Program Committee have now announced the next ESA Science Program Voyage 2050.

Senior Committee member Professor Alessandra Buonanno says: “Voyage 2050 is the ESA Science Program for 2035–2050. Our work built upon the 100 White Papers that were submitted by the scientific community, proposing a wide range of diverse and ambitious ideas for the science themes. After gathering views and opinions from the Topical Teams, we engaged in many fruitful discussions to reach consensus on the scientific themes for the next three cornerstone missions following JUICE, ATHENA, and LISA.” She adds: ”It has been a great privilege to have served on the Senior Committee, I learned a lot. I look forward to a time of extraordinary discoveries!” The Senior Committee also made recommendations on scientifically compelling themes for smaller missions and proposed areas of technology developments for ESA missions beyond 2050.

Read the ESA press release.

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