Neutron star oscillations and instabilities

Unstable magnetized star

Snapshots of the development of the instability in our fiducial star, showing projections on the (x, z) plane (first three panels and (x, y) plane (last three panels) of the simulation at times t = 1, 3, 10 ms (left to right), respectively. Shown with vector lines are the (global) magnetic-field lines, while the colours show the intensity of the toroidal magnetic field only; also reported are the iso-density contours of the rest-mass density near the stellar surface.

Related publication

R. Ciolfi, S.K. Lander, G.M. Manca, L. Rezzolla
Instability-driven evolution of poloidal magnetic fields in relativistic stars
The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 736:L6, 2011


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