Jürgen Ehlers honoured

The founding director of the Albert Einstein Institute receives the Medal of the Charles University in Prague

September 25, 2007

During a ceremony at the Institute, Prof. Jiří Bičák, Humboldt Award winner and a current scientific guest at the AEI, bestowed the Medal on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

The “Memorial Medal” of the Faculty is bestowed upon high-ranking scientists who have been engaged in close cooperation with the Charles University in Prague. Prof. Ehlers, who has been researching relativity theory and cosmology together with Prof. Bičák for more than 40 years, has been singled out for his outstanding achievements in the field of relativity theory, in particular the exact solution of Einstein’s equations, his work on the theory of gravitational waves and gravitational lenses, as well as his contributions to cosmology and other research areas.

“I am very pleased with this recognition of my scientific work,” says Ehlers. “The exchange of ideas with my Prague colleague has stimulated interesting research topics and led to joint publications.

Jürgen Ehlers is one of the most influential theorists of gravitational physics in Europe. He deals mainly with questions regarding the general theory of relativity and cosmology.

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