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    Conference Paper
    Heinzel, G.; Sheard, B.; Brause, N.; Danzmann, K.; Dehne, M.; Gerberding, O.; Mahrdt, C.; Müller, V.; Schütze , D.; Stede , G. et al.; Klipstein, W.; Folkner, W.; Spero, R.; Nicklaus, K.; Gath, P.; Shaddock, D.: Laser ranging interferometer for GRACE follow-on. In: Proceedings of SPIE Volume 10564. International Conference on Space Optics 2012, Ajaccio, Corsica, France, October 09, 2012 - October 12, 2012. (2017)
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    Conference Paper
    Wanner, G.; Kochkina , E.; Mahrdt, C.; Müller, V.; Schuster, S.; Heinzel, G.; Danzmann, K.: Simulating laser interferometers for missions such as (E)Lisa, Lisa pathfinder and Grace follow-on. In: Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 10563. International Conference on Space Optics—ICSO 2014, La Caleta, Tenerife, Canary Islands, October 07, 2014 - October 10, 2014. (2017)
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    Conference Paper
    Wegener, H.; Mueller, V.; Darbeheshti, N.; Naeimi , M.; Heinzel, G.: Parameter Estimation for GRACE-FO Geometric Ranging Errors. In: Proceedings. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2017, New Orleans, December 11, 2017 - December 15, 2017. (submitted)
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    Conference Paper
    Abich, K.; Bogan, C.; Braxmaier, C.; Danzmann, K.; Dehne, M.; Gohlke, M.; Görth, A.; Heinzel, G.; Herding, M.; Mahrdt, C. et al.; Müller, V.; Nicklaus, K.; Sanjuan, J.; Schütze , D.; Sheard, B.; Stede, G.; Voss, K.: GRACE-Follow On Laser Ranging Interferometer: German contribution. 10th International LISA Symposium, Florida, USA, May 18, 2014 - May 23, 2014. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 610, (2015)

Working Paper (1)

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    Working Paper
    Naeimi, M.; Darbeheshti, N.; Hewitson, M.; Flury, J.; Wegener, H.; Mueller, V.; Goswami, S.; Devaraju, B.: Introducing data analysis challenges for GRACE and GRACE Follow-on. (2016)
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