Publications of Lars Andersson

Book Chapter (8)

Book Chapter
Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.; Blue, P.: Spin geometry and conservation laws in the Kerr spacetime. In: One hundred years of general relativity (Surveys in Differential Geometry, 20), Vol. 20, pp. 183 - 226 (Ed. Bieri, L.). International Press, Boston (2015)
Book Chapter
Andersson, L.; Eichmair, M.; Metzger, J.: Jang's equation and its applications to marginally trapped surfaces. In: Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems IV: General relativity, geometry, and PDE (Contemporary Mathematics, 554), Vol. 554, pp. 13 - 46 (2011)
Book Chapter
Andersson, L.: Stability of doubly warped product spacetimes. In: New Trends in Mathematical Physics, pp. 23 - 32 (Ed. Sidoravičius, V.). Springer Netherlands (2009)
Book Chapter
Andersson, L.: Geometric Analysis and General Relativity. In: Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics Vol. 2, pp. 503 - 509 (Eds. Françoise, J.-P.; Naber, G.; Tsun Tsou, S.). Academic Press, Oxford u.a. (2006)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Andersson, L.: The trapped region. Spanish Relativity Meeting 2008, Salamanca (Spain), September 15, 2008 - September 19, 2008. AIP Conference Proceedings 1122, pp. 3 - 11 (2009)

Working Paper (9)

Working Paper
Aksteiner, S.; Andersson, L.: Gravitational Instantons and special geometry. (2022)
Working Paper
Andersson, L.; Kapitanski , L.: Cauchy Problem for Incompressible Neo-Hookean materials. (2021)
Working Paper
Zhang, H.; Andersson, L.: On the rough solutions of 3D compressible Euler equations: an alternative proof. (2021)
Working Paper
Andersson, L.; Blue, P.; Wyatt, Z.; Yau, S.-T.: Global stability of spacetimes with supersymmetric compactifications. (2020)
Working Paper
Andersson, L.; Korzyński, M.: Variational principle for the Einstein-Vlasov equations. (2019)
Working Paper
Oancea , M. A.; Paganini, C. F.; Joudioux, J.; Andersson, L.: An overview of the gravitational spin Hall effect. (2019)
Working Paper
Aghapour, S.; Andersson, L.; Rosquist, K.: The Zilch Electromagnetic Conservation Law in Variational Characteristic Form. (2019)
Working Paper
Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.; Blue, P.; Ma, S.: Stability for linearized gravity on the Kerr spacetime. (2019)
Working Paper
Shah, A. G.; Whiting, B. F.; Aksteiner, S.; Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.: Gauge-invariant perturbations of Schwarzschild spacetime. (2016)
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