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    Journal Article
    Mukund, N.; Lough, J.; Affeldt, C.; Bergamin, F.; Bisht, A.; Brinkmann, M.; Kringel, V.; Lück, H.; Nadji, S. L.; Weinert, M.: Bilinear noise subtraction at the GEO 600 observatory. Physical Review D 101 (10), 102006 (2020)

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    Working Paper
    Lough, J.; Schreiber, E.; Bergamin, F.; Grote, H.; Mehmet, M.; Vahlbruch, H.; Affeldt, C.; Brinkmann, M.; Bisht, A.; Kringel, V. et al.; Lück, H.; Mukund, N.; Nadji, S. L.; Sorazu, B.; Strain, K.; Weinert, M.; Danzmann, K.: First demonstration of 6 dB quantum noise reduction in a kilometer scale gravitational wave observatory. (2020)
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