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    Journal Article
    Kiuchi, K.; Kawaguchi, K.; Kyutoku , K.; Sekiguchi , Y.; Shibata, M.: Sub-radian-accuracy gravitational waves from coalescing binary neutron stars II: Systematic study on the equation of state, binary mass, and mass ratio. Physical Review D 101, 084006 (2020)
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    Journal Article
    Lamb, G. P.; Tanvir, N. R.; Levan, A. J.; Postigo, A. d. U.; Kawaguchi, K.; Corsi, A.; Evans, P. A.; Malesani, D. B.; Page, K. L.; Wiersema, K. et al.; Fruchter, A. S.; Gompertz, B.; Rosswog, S.; Shibata, M.; Tanaka, M.; van der Horst, A. J.; Cano, Z.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Greiner, J.; Heintz, K.; Higgins, A.; Hjorth, J.; Izzo, L.; Jakobsson, P.; Kann, D. A.; O'Brien, P. T.; Perley, D. A.; Pian, E.; Pugliese, G.; Starling, R. L. C.; Thöne, C. C.; Watson, D.; Wijers, R. A. M. J.; Xu, D.: Short GRB 160821B: a reverse shock, a refreshed shock, and a well-sampled kilonova. The Astrophysical Journal 883 (1), 48 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Kawaguchi, K.; Kiuchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Shibata, M.; Taniguchi, K.: Frequency-domain gravitational waveform models for inspiraling binary neutron stars. Physical Review D 97, 044044 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Kawaguchi, K.; Shibata, M.; Tanaka, M.: Radiative transfer simulation for the optical and near-infrared electromagnetic counterparts to GW170817. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 865 (2), L21 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Coughlin, M.; Dietrich, T.; Kawaguchi, K.; Smartt, S.; Stubbs, C.; Ujevic, M.: Towards rapid transient identification and characterization of kilonovae. The Astrophysical Journal 849 (1), 12 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Kiuchi, K.; Kawaguchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Shibata, M.; Taniguchi, K.: Sub-radian-accuracy gravitational waveforms of coalescing binary neutron stars in numerical relativity. Physical Review D 96, 084060 (2017)

Working Paper (2)

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    Working Paper
    Narikawa, T.; Uchikata, N.; Kawaguchi, K.; Kiuchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Shibata, M.; Tagoshi, H.: Reanalysis of the binary neutron star merger GW170817 using numerical-relativity calibrated waveform models. (2019)
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    Working Paper
    Kawaguchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Nakano, H.; Shibata, M.: Extracting the cutoff frequency in the gravitational-wave spectrum of black hole-neutron star mergers. (2017)
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