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Working Paper (8)

  1. 321.
    Working Paper
    Allen, B.: Gravitational Wave Detector Sites. (1996), 2 pp.

Other (2)

  1. 322.
    Allen, B.; Bose, S.; Boyd, D.; Brady, P.; Camp, J.; Creighton, J.; Creighton, T.; Dhurander, S. V.; Gonzalez, G.; Harry, G. et al.; Owen, B.; Prince, T.; Reitze, D.; Sathyaprakash, B. S.; Shawhan, P.; LIGO Scientific Collaboration: Determine upper limits on event rates for inspiralling compact binaries with LIGO engineering data, (2000)
  2. 323.
    Allen, B.: GRASP: a data analysis package for gravitational wave detection, (1999)
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