Dr. Olaf Hartwig

Junior Scientist/Postdoc
Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity
Precision Interferometry and Fundamental Interactions
Location Hannover
Location Potsdam
+49 331 567-7199
+49 511 762-14059
0.65 (Potsdam), 3409-005 (Hannover)

Main Focus

My research revolves around the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) project, with dual affiliations at the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) in Potsdam and in Hannover. In Potsdam, I am primarily engaged in a global fit for LISA, where my focus lies on assessing the impact of more realistic instrumental modelling. This involves refining noise models, addressing data gaps, and mitigating glitches to enhance the robustness of LISA's data analysis. Meanwhile, in Hannover, I contribute to the Performance and Operations team for LISA, specialising in instrument simulations, performance modelling and data processing to ensure the optimal functioning and scientific output of the mission.

Here are links to my publications: from Inspire and from the ADS database.

Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my Bachelor and Master in Physics at the University of Hannover, with a focus on mathematical physics. Afterwards, I stayed in Hannover for the PhD, working on instrumental modelling and noise reduction algorithms for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) at the Albert Einstein Institute. I finished my PhD in September 2021.
From there, I moved to SYRTE - Observatoire de Paris to continue working on the data processing for LISA during a 2 year post doc. Starting September 2023, I'm now at the AEI for a split post-doc position between the locations in Potsdam and Hannover.

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