MSc thesis: Inertial sensing using compact quasi-monolithic interferometers

MSc thesis

Stellenangebot vom 15. September 2023


Laser interferometry is a powerful technology for measuring tiny displacements as variations of optical path lengths. We aim to build compact multi-channel sensors capable of probing several degrees of freedom of a mechanical system with high speed, sensitivity, and dynamical range.

Multi-channel interferometers benefit from the simplification and miniaturization of the optical layout. Single-element interferometers made of monolithic or quasi-monolithic prisms can enable centimeter-scale setups - but pose several technological hurdles, namely their sensitivity to mechanical tolerances and stray light.

The project

For this Master's project, the candidate will work hands-on with a ready-made compact quasi-monolithic interferometer. The successful student will design and prepare the interferometer's laser injection and detection stages and deploy a suitable phase readout scheme. Finally, the student will perform a characterization of the interferometer, its achieved performance, and dynamical range.

Candidates should have

  • Prior experience in a laser lab
  • IT skills for basic data analysis and representation
  • Attention to detail and self-motivation


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