Einstein for beginners and advanced learners

www.einstein-online.info goes online

January 18, 2005

New Internet portal provides vivid, humorous and first-hand information about Einstein's world of thought and about current research

Just in time for the beginning of the Einstein Year, an internet portal goes online that provides comprehensive, comprehensible information in German about Einstein's theories of relativity and the current state of research. So if you want to know more about E=mc2, the world formula or the proof of gravitational waves, this is the right place.

The portal is a project of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute/AEI) in Potsdam-Golm under the leadership of Dr. Elke Müller and Dr. Markus Pössel. "With Einstein-online, we want to address especially interested laypersons and introduce them step by step to Einstein's world of thought," says Elke Müller. Markus Pössel adds: "The additional "in-depth topics" incorporate the latest scientific findings, because the texts are regularly reviewed and the latest research results are incorporated. The AEI scientists provide insights into their current research work here".

Einstein's theories, above all the special and general theory of relativity, are still a challenge for scientists today. However, they are by no means as puzzling and difficult to comprehend in their basic features as is often presented - you can now see this for yourself at www.einstein-online.info.

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