MSc thesis: Deriving manoeuvre amplitude and frequency in LISA SC from SC geometry and thrusters

MSc thesis


Stellenangebot vom 2. März 2020

For an introduction to LISA please look at the first paragraph of this thesis project description.

This topic will entail simulations of realistic angular manoeuvres for a LISA spacecraft around its 3 degrees of rotation. The angular manoeuvres will be a result of simulations of microNewton thrusters that will command the spacecraft to rotate with a sinusoidal signal of a given amplitude and frequency. Further studies may include estimating measurement errors and coupling of manoeuvre from one rotational degree of freedom into the other two. These simulations will eventually form input to the estimate of tilt-to-length coupling in the heterodyne interferometer readouts which are required to measure longitudinal distance variations in picometer scale in the gravitational wave milli-Hertz band.

The simulations will be done in a suitable computer language for eg. python, Matlab or etc. A theory background in physics and experience in programming is preferred for this MSc. project.

Please contact  for further information.

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