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September 04, 2013

Two groups of doctoral students from the AEI Hannover will take part this year in the “Fast Forward Science” video competition. The competition, organised by the “Wissenschaft im Dialog” initiative will run during the entire moth of September. All of the submitted videos can be found on the related YouTube channel; the winner will be selected by a jury that will also take into consideration the popularity of each of the videos.

Amongst the submitted videos are a total of four that were made by doctoral students of the AEI Hannover. They will be competing against 26 other videos in the “Next” (junior scientists) category.

A team headed by Pablo A. Rosado made an English-language film entitled “The Invisible Colours of the Universe”. In the film, scientists of the AEI take a look into the depths of the universe. Viewers discover fascinating objects like neutron stars and black holes, and learn how important the direct measurement of gravitational waves actually is, as well as how researchers are pursuing this goal with Pulsar Timing Arrays, earthbound gravitational wave detectors, like the GEO600, and space missions, like eLISA.

The Invisible Colours of the Universe: Gravitational Waves - Fast Forward Science 2013

A team from the eLISA working group at the AEI is even entering the competition with three videos. The doctoral students created these films within the framework of a public relations campaign which is intended to raise public awareness for the eLISA space mission. eLISA will be the first gravitational wave detector in space and will revolutionize our image of the universe. The first three parts of the series “Gravity Ink.” explains, by means of animated films, Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the birth of gravitational waves and their measurement via interferometric detectors.

Gravity Ink. - Einstein's Gravity (Episode 1)

Gravity Ink. - The Future of Astronomy (Episode 2)

Gravity Ink. - The Gravitational Universe (Episode 3)

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