Open Day at Science Park Potsdam-Golm

September 01, 2011

On Open Day, Saturday, 10 September 2011 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., we cordially invite the general public to visit us. Our programme is intended to provide visitors with a fascinating and entertaining glimpse into the research, work and development at our campus.

Our Open Day is being held already for the tenth time at the Science Park Potsdam-Golm. In addition to interesting talks, e.g. about gravitational waves, the biorhythms of plants and a new chemistry with plants, and numerous guided tours focussing on a range of topics, visitors will also have the opportunity, through diverse experiments and science-based activities, to discover their inner scientist or to test their knowledge of science history.

For example, they can try their hand at a pipetting process with a robot or make visible the “fabric” out of which plants are made. Whereas in the DNA kitchen guests will have a chance to isolate plant genotypes, in the molecular kitchen it will be possible to make use of certain molecular characteristics for the purposes of cooking. Those who prefer more international fare will be treated to an array of cultures from throughout the world.

In Einstein’s lab visitors will get to try out a relativistic bicycle ride, and mathematical-physical experiments will ease an introduction to relativity theory. For those who would rather immerse themselves in the microcosm or learn more about the history of Brandenburg, microscopes are available; moreover, the exhibition focussing on photomicrography can be visited, or historic files and Potsdam newspapers of the last 30 years can be leafed through.

For young discoverers, as every year, a specially-designed “children’s research area” awaits them, as well as a talk about “When a plant is short of breath.” Moreover, in an open classroom, the world can be discovered through language.

The programme is very varied and will range from founding a company to cutting-edge research, from the natural sciences to historical topics and though to musical entertainment by members of the Kammerakademie Potsdam.

This year, Open Day is being supported by:

  • The Max Planck Institutes for Gravitational Physics, of Colloids and Interfaces, and of Molecular Plant Physiology,
  • the Brandenburg Central State Archive,
  • the pearls research network,
  • GO:IN innovation centre (with the participation of GILUPI GmbH, Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH, DGL mbH and Potsdam Transfer),
  • Standortmanagement Golm gGmbH

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