From microcosm to the Universe

Open day at the Golm Science Park on September 8, 2002, from 10.00am to 04.00pm

September 01, 2002

Natural sciences rely on one of the deepest human instincts: our curiosity. The three Max Planck Institutes in Golm demonstrate on their Open Day that research not only serves to gain knowledge and technical progress, but can also be a fascinating adventure and fun.

The institutes will open their doors on September 8, 2002 and offer interested visitors fascinating insights into the extensive scientific work of the Max Planck Institutes for Gravitational Physics, Colloids and Interfaces, and Molecular Plant Physiology.

The diverse program with guided tours through the institutes, experiments, lectures and hands-on activities offers "science to touch" for young and old and shows the three institutes in their colourful diversity. The spectrum of topics ranges from Einstein's theory of relativity to green genetic engineering and the miraculous world of membranes.

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